Nukacola challenge

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If you accept this quest and are playing a female char. After you exit after takeing the Nuka cola tour. You can talk to the NPC who's trying to get "into Whatsherface's pants". You can offer the guy a threesome if he gives you the 30 quantims. In which case he runs off but I've never seen him return.

Anybody knows what happens after that?

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I heard he runs to the Nuka Cola plant but not sure what happened then.
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He ran to the Nuka Cola plant to find Quantum, but he won't make it back. You'll find him dead inside or around the plant.

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Anyone know where I can get this quest?

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Hahaahah, that's hilarious, in all my yrs of playing this game I never realized that as an option as I have never played a female character, very hilarious that's written in there tho, haha. The devs of these games never cease to amaze and delight.

For Example I've been playing Oblivion since it came out, and STILL find something new every time I play it!!