Mothership Zeta bug making it impossible for me to finish quest

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Pretty sure this is a bug. I've re-done the whole quest (yes, from the very beginning) twice and got stuck at the same place. In the cryo labs, when you blow up the generator, you're supposed to use the teleporter that's parallele to the generator. It doesn't work, for some reason none of the teleporters work. And when I try to just walk back from where I came, where you freeze the aliens who were experimenting on the humans at first, the doors are locked and it requires keys. I've heard killing that Elliot dude helps but he never wants to join me in the labs. Either that or he's fleeing from an alien worker :/ So is Mothership Zeta pretty much useless? Am I completely screwed?
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Activate the teleporter using console commands (Tilde key ~) try the commands activate, open, and unlock.