Invisible Enclave Soldiers?

#1 Posted by kaechan89 (9 posts) -
While I am now in the tunnels escorting Dr.Li out, when I get to some steps shots are fired at me but there is no one there, is this a glitch? Also I can't seem to get past the big door where there is an Enclave soldier with a flame gun and not to mention more of them shooting at me, I die instantly. Should I have leveled up more? I'm on level 7. I wish this game had cheats like the PC version sometimes.
#2 Posted by fenirirmaster (533 posts) -

The shots maybe coming from a turret, but if you're sure you can't see anything it probably is a glitch. I had a similiar thing happen to me once where *possible minor enemy spoiler* a death claw randomly spawned practically on top of me, that was terrifying! >_<           ............... As for the dying issuses, I would say that you possibly need to be a higher level, I think I was like 12 or something when I went through that part. What guns are you using, and what is your small guns skill?