Fallout 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Multiply your items.

    To multiply the items in your inventory, first place what you want to multiply on the ground (on what we'll call Map A). Now, save the game into one of the save game files. Next, pick the items up off the ground and walk to an adjacent map (Map B). Place the items on the ground, and save the game in another save file. Now, quit Fallout and go to the Fallout folder in windows. Look for the folders corresponding to the save game slots. Within the save game folders are files for each map that the player has visited. You should be able to tell which map files are which by their names. Open both save file folders in seperate windows. Copy the map file (map B) from the window for the second save file. Now, paste it into the folder for the first save file, overwriting the first save file's map B. Once this is done, the first save file will have the items on map A and map B.

    Despite the long description, this trick is easy once you figure out where the files and folders are. Once that's done, it's simply saving twice, quitting fallout, dragging a file from one folder to another, then loading Fallout again. However, be warned. This trick might conflict with the game's scripts if there are any going on between the 2 maps. This trick also works with the first Fallout game.

  2. Easter Egg

    In the basement of the New Reno Arms, at the far right of the screen, is a pot covered by a mattress. Only the very edge of the pot is revealed. You will notice it when the hand icon appears when you hover over it. Inside the pot is an Easter Egg.

  3. Sneak into Vault Citys vault without being a citizen

    Walk up to the two guards in front of the vault, simply enter combat mode and run into the vault to sneak in.

  4. Upgrade All Weapons for Free

    When you eneter the New Reno arms durin gthe day you notice he won't let you enter the back. Well one the side of the building is a door that you can enter from the outside. Pick the lock and enter during the day (so the shopkeeper willl be at the front of the store instead of being in his room) and make your way to the right. There should be a room with two dogs (they won't attack), a bed, and shelves. Behind a shelf (the one you can't search) is a stairway. Go down and you'll find yourself in a room with a man in a yellow shirt and brown(?) pants. He'll say "Boom!" when you talk to him and just give him an upgradable weapon. He'll take up one hour fo your virtual life and give you the upgraded weapon, full oaded and ready to go.
    P.S. If you give him an empty weapon to upgrade, he''ll give you the upgraded one and it will have full ammo.

  5. Infinite Money

    In the mine in Broken Hills, there's a hidden passage near the entrance leading to sleeping Chuck Stodgers & a chest with a chunk of Uranium Ore in it. Take the Ore to the Refinery and let it be refined for $1000. Pick it up next day and donate it to Broken Hills to get your money back plus an extra $500. Just keep talking to the supervisor to get $1500 over and over again. You can go on with this as long as you like.

  6. Infinite Levels

    If you pick the "Here and Now" perk, and then use the 'Esc' key to exit the character stats screen instead of using the 'Enter' key or pressing the 'Done' button, when you go back into the stats screen, you will have gained your level and can also select another perk. If you repeat this, you will gain access to better perks as you gain levels, or you can just keep gaining levels if you prefer, however, you can only keep 99 skill points at a time, so make sure you spend them.

  7. Developer Comments

    To hear comments by the development team, hold [Shift] during the credits.

  8. Fallout 2 Hint Book and unlimited experience

    Beat the game and then choose the option to continue to play.

    Code Effect
    Talk to Father Tully in New Reno. Fallout 2 Hint Book - 10,000 experience & all skills set to 300% - Can be used multiple times
    First go to level three of the Vault at Vault City. Put the Pip Boy into the main computer and then use the computer in the far left room. 20,000 experience - Can be used multiple times

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