There were some interesting and creative levels, but the game just kinda sucked...

User Rating: 5 | The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da Rules GC
Before I go off sayin this game just sucked. I gotta say there were some very interesting levels and they were very enjoyable. However...the game was pretty bad. The graphics were decent especially for a licensed game. Not impressive, but not bad cel shading. The music wasn't very good, but the voice acting was okay because it was or atleast sounded like the characters from the show. The gameplay was not by any means good. You played Timmy and I guess he just jumped around. There were some wishspots which were pretty cool because you sometimes got weapons or something that actually resembled gameplay, but they weren't exactly that fun. The gameplay was just plain bad. However there were some very memorable levels. I havn't played this in 4 years in fact I sold it....of course, but I still remember a few of the levels. There was one that put you in a comic book world, a video game world, a camping boyscout/girlscout trip, the mall as a dog, the school hiding from the teacher, and I'm pretty sure there was a space one. They all seemed cool enough and I give my props to the developers for them.

The game won't last long, there is no replay value whatsoever and you don't wanna play through again. I suggest you trade it in for 3 bucks.