Faery is faerly (Haha!...see what I did there?) tedious and boring game with little to no originality or creativity

User Rating: 3 | Faery: Legends of Avalon PC
This game could've and should've been much better. The animation and design, while actually quite good, contained little originality. The story is almost worthless and the level design is uninspired. It seemed as if the game was done by folks with competent graphics and animation skills, but no one had any real skill at designing levels or writing compelling stories. I didn't even make it past about 8 hours and I still wish I had never found this game.

I can understand if perhaps a low production budget caused the game to be stripped down a bit, but they should have, at least been able to afford a spell-check or two. I don't think I have ever seen a professionally published game with so many grammatical and spelling errors.

The entire experience was a waste of time unless you count the fact that I am able to warn others to stay away from this game.