faces of war is a very unique and excellent game. well worth it.

User Rating: 8.9 | Faces of War PC
Faces of war is a very unique game, the game is all about you controlling a few squads battling your way through ww2 playing from 4 nations. the british , american, germans and russians. what i like alot about this game is the way you actually get to play the germans as most games dont have that.

the game includes 3 campaign, allied ( british & americans) , german and russia each one has some very challenging missions that take alot of skill. the game is very realistic. Tank battles are awesome with the effects and realism. the tanks have no health bars meaning you will have to hit the tank in the correct places to make destroy it.

Tank fighting

Tank fighting in Fow is excellent. the good think is you dont have to completely destory it to win the tank battle. for example you could hit the main gun off forcing the Crew of the tank to Retreat. then if you want you could send some engineers or infantry squad to repair the tank and steal it for your self to use againist the enemy. you will also have to watch your ammo and fuel for your tank as the game is realistic

Infantry Fights

Infantry Fights are again excellent using the squad control panel can be a little hard to control at first but you will get use to it. It is easy to to find cover for the whole squad or get rid of it with a tank shell as you can destory anything from a house to a fence in the game. you will also need to watch for the ammo , grenades , health and other equipment to make sure your men are fully ready for the fight.

Night battles

Night battles are excellent they give a really good graphical and gameplay look to the game. for example the headlights on trucks and jeeps look excellent and really show some good graphics to the game.


the Mp player of the game is excellent, Coop to play the levels from every team from the campaign levels. and alot of Types Of game types. From team death match to a game called chicken hunt when you have to hunt and kill chickens.

Training & difficulty

the game includes 2 Modes. Tactical Play for experienced players who will know how to play the Game, possible People who played SHOWW2 And arcade Mode for new players to the game. the Training does explain very well how to play the game. you will learn pretty quick but i can say the game has alot of Controls so it will be hard to under stand every single one of them. if you play on Tactical Mode i have to say the game is pretty hard but no game is fun if its easy.


the game included about 100+ Vehicles from WW2 and alot of guns and equipement. the game is very realistic.

I suggest this game to any RTS fan who wants something different than the boring build bases and collect resources and kill.

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