mGS4 is one of the nest PS3 games ever or so far.

This is one hell of game and you are only going to like this game if you are a MGS fan, you like story games and like Cutscenes. this is a must own game on the ps3. The graphice in this game are just great they looks so real when the camera is up on close on a snake it just looks like a real face and you look at the features on the face the game just looks incredible.

the cutscenes are great in this game and what make this great they mey be long but they tell the story and all the things that wern't explained for the other MGS games in the series but it is good how they explain it.

the gameplay is great in the game if you have played previous you know what the gameplay is like you can play as stealh or just just use your guns to kill every single person.

just a great game, that you should at least play once it is fun and as great as the first time you watched the godfather movie. the story is great and is one of the best things about this game just check it out.