Fantastic Installment of Gran Turismo! Everything you'd expect from the series! 10/10 game

Gran Turismo 5 has had a Hell a lot of hype behind it for the many years and many delays this game has gone through. As a result, a few sites quick to get their reviews out have come to snap decisions about the graphics, menus and gameplay. I have been playing the game for quite a few days, and any initial disappointments have passed since the initial hype has now subsided.

Gameplay (10/10):

Everything I expected from the game, very similar to previous installments, but a lot more refined. Racing is fairly easy at the low level, but as more restrictions on class and model come in it starts to get a whole lot more competitive. License tests are crazy hard to get gold, but a lot of fun! Cars feel as they should, and braking/accelerating at the wrong times can cause you to lose control. Really feel like you are driving the cars, not just watching as you control and press left and right on a d-pad like other games.

Menu System (10/10):
Everything is laid out to perfection, never seen a menu system so easy to use yet have sooo many damn functions and game modes! The only issue is the load times, still takes quite a while to jump between menus. But having menus this amazing cannot load in an instant unless you have upgraded your ps3 with a solid state Hard drive :)

Graphics (9/10):
The standard cars do look a little average compared, but the premium cars are gorgeous. Tracks look great, 1080p runs smooth and looks crisp. Tyre marks look real, smoke effects and lighting is fantastic. Only issues are the jagged shadows a few textures look a little dated, however we are dealing with the ps3 here, can't handle that much. Pretty sure this game is pushing it to its limits whilst keeping a silky smooth framerate (so so so important for a racing game!). Don't know people were expecting another level of graphics above what the ps3 can handle! PC would kill this, that's another story though.

Sound (9/10):
Car engine noises sound fantastic, tyre noise all sounds great. Music is pretty lame, but the addition of the feature of importing your own music makes all the difference! Actual engine noise is spot on, only issue is some cars sound a little weedy and tinny compared to the real life versions due to the lack of inclusion of an exhaust noise. Although saying that, yet to see a game that does this 100% accurate.

Lifetime (10/10):
Can see myself playing this again and again. Formula that never gets old. Gold medals for time trials, license tests and special events are high enough set that you will need to work really hard to get them! Addictive and a whole lot of fun just going into the dealership, buying one of your favourite cars, doing it up, painting it and racing it. Tested a few races of online and really enjoyed it. Lobby system is really easy to use, and relatively easy to find games created by friends, due to the ability to filter countries. Races are smooth, and seemless. The lag never adjusts your car, meaning you can race as you should even on a lesser connection. However when someone else is lagging, can lead to their car jumping around quite a bit. Being a game this big, have no danger of a lack of online players. Can't wait to get home again to play some more!!!

Overall 10/10)

Overall fantastic game, completely delivered on what I expected. A little letdown that photo mode looks soooo much better than every other mode, but would NOT substitute good framerate for an increase in textures. More car models being premium would be nice, but extremely happy. HUGE improvement from GT5, and even physics have improved since GT5: P. Anyone who loves cars should GET THIS GAME, just don't expect it to be an easy one to platinum!