Solid game nothing more nothing less

To put it simple Bioshock 2 isn't as good as original game. It is very solid game with interesting story, solid gameplay and pace that began to drag near the end.
Compared to the first game about which everyone talked about back in the day, this one seems not to get as much praise or following as first one did.
In this part you play as big daddy, which was interesting twist, you meet some new enemies out of which Big Sister is the most interesting. Nice graphics, with unique art design and collor palette makes Bioshock 2 distinguish it self from rest of "grey" looking shooters out there.
Campaign is very long, a bit too long for my preference. I ended up running through last 90 minutes of the game and skipping picking up items and searching through every dead body which was not the case before I felt like I wanted it to end in those last 90 minutes. I think in this day and age where we get shorter single player campaigns, these guys wanted to make it longer and ended up stretching it a little too much for my liking.
Overall a solid game, if you enjoyed first one this is must buy, but this time around nothing mind blowing, just another good game to play on your PS3.