Couldn't finish the first 5 hours of the game... Simply horrible.

User Rating: 2.5 | Fable II X360
I'm sorry, but this game sucks. I couldn't stand the first Fable and this one just made me sick. From horrific control schemes to a watered down story and really really dumb "choose your own adventure" mechanics - The Fable phenomenon has scared me almost as much as this game.

Nothing feels fluid in this game. Overly cartoony and "funny" subtract from the potential that I'm sure was trashed at the drawing board. I would not recommend this horrible game to anyone.

I grew up on traditional Japanese RPG's and started to fall in love with American real time Role Playing Games about the time Elder Scrolls III came out, but this game just can't satisfy my RPGing needs. It's childish banter and horrific gameplay halted me at the door... Sorry fanboys, this game is sad.

I also noticed that the good/bad thing is a joke in itself. The game is exactly the same either way (much like it's predecessor). Fighting gets repetitive, side missions are pointless and boring, and the overall feel of the game is loose and lame.

One of the really sad things about this game is the fact that it's been so hyped that true gamers don't stand a chance against it. By this I mean, game magazines, sites and critics have all raved about Fable II, so we as gamers take their word for it.

I really don't want to waste any more of my precious time devoted to writing a review of possibly the worst self proclaimed "Free to decide" games available to date.