Looking for Wreckager and/or Highroller's Coat

#1 Posted by Zarknako (58 posts) -

IDK if anybody still has these or even cares to trade them for anything in-game, but I still would like these items to complete my collection.

Post an offer for whatever you want - dolls, money, weapons, etc.

EDIT: My first post disappeared - this is a repost.

#2 Posted by psdsoldier25 (242 posts) -

I have multiples of both items you are wanting. I will be online tomorrow night at 2000 hrs CST....

#3 Posted by Zarknako (58 posts) -

Im sorry, Ive been busy with school, so i totally forgot to check this post.  I am avaliable now (as in this CHristmas week) for trading however, if you're still interested.  I have sent you my IGN if you are willing to go ahead.  Thanks!