F1 Pole Position 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Extra Car

    After you've become World Grand Prix Champion, turn on the system and hold A and B when the screen ''Now loading the data from controller pak...'' appears. Now go to the Driver Selection screen, and you'll notice that the '96 Forti drivers will now have an Ubi Soft Original H-RA V12 Car.

    Contributed by: Sappy 

  2. Unlimited Fuel

    In Grand Prix mode, set the fuel to 10 percent

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  3. Engine Select

    Code Effect
    Beat the game as World Grand Prix Champion, then restart, highlight a driver and press Left-C or Right-C to change engines. Engine Select

    Contributed by: Sappy 

  4. Great codes to push your vehicle (JP)

    Enter any race and pause the game. Hold both shoulder buttons and press the following to activate the codes. Most codes unlock special vehicles but some improve your owned vehicles.

    Code Effect
    Up Down Down Up Left B A B B Unlock the super car as a vehicle
    Down Left Down Down B B B A B Unlock the water jet as a vehicle
    B B A B Left Down B A Unlock rocket ship as a vehicle
    Down Up Left Right A A B A Unlock UFO as a vehicle
    Down Up Up Down Right A B A A All cars at max speed and acceleration
    Up Down Right Left B B A B Unlock bananna car as a vehicle
    A A B A Right Up A B Unlock boat as a vehicle
    Down Up Down Down A Right Left Up Unlock N64 as a vehicle
    Left Left Right Right Up A B Down Unlock NES cartrige as a vehicle
    Right Up Down Left A B Unlock fish as a vehicle
    Down Down Up Up Left Left A B B A A A Unlock a toilet as a vehicle

    Contributed by: yacghtl