Control Issues

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I read the review and thought, "The controls can't be that bad; they worked in previous versions of the game, how different can they be?". I've just been through the tutorials and I can't believe how much the controls suck. The accelerator is literally on or off with no sign of the analogue aspect of the trigger working at all. The brakes don't respond if you push the button half way, but if you push it too much it locks the wheels and makes you overshoot the corners.

I played a previous F1 game, which is why I'm so surprised by this. I remember the controls were never as good as games like Forza, but after adjusting to brake in a straight line, they weren't too hard to handle.

Which assists are best to use? I tried turning braking assist off, but given how bad the braking is, it may go back on, but I don't know what level is a nice match between assisting and avoiding doing the braking for me. I also have traction control switched on.

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I don't use any assists, I use a controller, and playing online I usually finish first or in the top 3 unless there are just a bunch of crazy consistent/fast guys in the room. I've only had the game for a month and a half or so and I've never played any of the other F1 games before, well except back in the 90s on ps1. I think a big trick to getting more consistent feel out of the throttle and brake is to use the right stick as gas and break (up is gas, down is brake). A good way to visually observe this is if you use the triggers on forza 4 and turn on the visual gas/brake input. When using the triggers the input is very shaky and inconsistent; hard to be precise basically. The stick is dead steady and smooth in relation to your input. Use the triggers for shifting, I think that's the default setting. The drawback is you can't look left and right and the look back button is awkward too as you have to use L3 or something. Maybe I should use L3 for DRS now that I think about it and RB for look back. All you can do is pray you don't get shunted anyway.