Weather system is broken....broken....broooooken...waiter, patch please.

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Wow......dont even know where to start. First off the pit guy is a moron. Hes telling me over the radio that the rain should let up in a few mins....and its not raining. So I am driving around (Race 2, of many tracks inspired by a bent paper clip) and I am taking the turn before the first of 2 strights (the one that leads to the turn that goes onto the frontstrech). No rain...halfway down the stright...BOOM...effing monsoon. No warning, heck no CLOUDS. Just BOOM rain. Even the AI was having issues with it.

Wiped out on the next lap, then just floored it and took a walk at 180 or so, best part of the game so far. The weather was sooo much better and more REAL in the last 2 versions of this game, you could SEE the clouds coming, could tell when it was going to start and where.

Its like they sat down and said "lets break something". Bravo Codemasters, you succeded. Game will most likley be sold while I can still get something for it.

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Know what you mean, im pulling my hair out for this one. weather is realy bad

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And rain in the middle of the dessert?  hahahahah

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Not to mention that the cars are more or less undriveable on the wet or inters, stab control or not. If I could rig it that way i would drive the whole track backwards, since that seems to be the way the car wants to point in the wet. If you even look at the brake pedal, wam, backwards. Or you have to creeeeep around the corner, not daring to push the car over school zone speed. It was a nice touch to try to have different weather in different parts of the track, but the way the tires are modeled its impossble to race. You can run the wets on a dry track, its like racing on oil on plastic wrap. And never mind trying to overthink the game and coming in for inters before the

All the whle the AI is going around like its dry. I will admit the weather was better at Caty, the race I just did. Started in the rain and it slowly cleared and then the track started to dry. car was still loose as a goose.

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You know the crazy thing is I was just going through the race in China and it was raining, it kept raining, and raining and I was keeping an eye on the Race Director to see if anyone was pitting for Wets and no one did.

But it was obvious my Option grip was good and despite the downpour the track was still dry!

Ok I am going to win the race anyway but the rain is nothing, null effect, Codemasters - this is unacceptable.

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Hmm they may have fixed this in the latest patch that came out yesterday, looks promising, at least they notice these things and go and fix them.

Now to tidy up the rest of it.

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Yeah well not only weather system is broken even the AI.

China Grand Prix, race starts it's raining, second lap everyone goes to the pit because it's going to stop raining in 10 minutes, first WTF?

Then I end up driving alone with inters because it's slippery (obviously), BUT the AI can drive around with Options like it was a sunny and shiny afternoon and there's a god damn storm up there, second WTF?

So after 4-5 laps they already caught up on me (very funny), so I said f*** it I'm going for Options, guess what? out of the pit it's slippery as f*** and I can't even follow them, third and ultimate WTF?

TBH, this game is totally broken and I'm glad I didn't pay for it, probably going to uninstall it soon.

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I agree! The weather model was so much nicer in 2011. Impossible to keep pace in the wet even if you are 1:00 + ahead of the field in the dry. I found myself in the back of the pack in several races that I would have won if it had stayed dry. Wouldn't be as bad if the AI cars had as much difficulty, but they seem to be as fast as they were in the dry. I get the attempt at making the weather vary across the circut, but unfortunately they were unable to pull it off. Give us back the weather model from the 2011 release! I've also just dicovered that once you challenge a rival in career mode, they are all of a sudden much faster then they were through the first half if the season. Haha!
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Oh yeah, why does it have to rain every single race in the first place?!!
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Another guy who expects the game to be played for him. If you actually watch motorsport you would know there arent any warning signs for things like weather. The amount of times I raced the car and its rained without any clouds at my local track, I mean mate I've lost count.

And when your trying to describe something happening on the circuit, use corner numbers to make it easier for people to understand.