Breaking issues. Help

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Why is it when I press brake and try to turn, the wheels doesn't turn? instead i need to release brake button then it will be able to steer again. How to turn off this setting?

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Because that is the way you are supposed to drive. Hitting the brake while turing is like skiing.

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Thats what you would otherwise call a drfit

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I found that enabling traction control and ABS while keeping brake assist disabled helps a bit with turning into corners. Initially, this game was not enjoyable without TC and ABS enabled, coz taking corners was a nightmare - The car wouldn't turn at all. 

PS. Using a standard xbox360 controller here. 

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Brake hard while going straight into the corner. LET OFF THE BRAKES when you enter the turn. Not all the way, just ease up on them.
As you come out of the corner, ease on to the accelerator. Again, don't jam the throttle to 100%. Once you have the car straightened out, you should be at max throttle again.

To put it simply, you don't want to brake (or accelerate) fully while trying to turn.

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I'm new to this, so I put on break assist. Still, corners feel very slow, and on career mode, I can't seem to escape finishing 24th.

I feel that I'm doing something wrong, but have no idea what, because even on good laps in wich I'm always on the track, with option tires and DRS and Kers used at opportune times, I end up having the worst times on practice, +8 from pole and +3 from 23rd.


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I think it takes practice and in career mode the cars you start out in are the slowest. A Toro Rosso or Marussia will never turn a lap time of a Red Bull, Ferrari or Mclaren I don't think. But I have qualified 10th in a Toro and won races in a Toro and HRT.