meh. (read review)

This game takes place during the 1800's in Montana. You are Colton White, Your father, Ned white is a hunter that looks to be in his early 50's. The story starts off as a hunting mission, Hunting quail with your quickdraw which is like a slow-motion shooting FPS style play. After you kill a humoungus Grizzly bear who nearly killed Ned, you get on a steam boat, and it is soon taken over by out-laws. They kill your father... his last words were " Take this coin, Go to the Alhambra in Dodge, ask for Jenny.". The only thing on Colton's mind now is.revenge. when you wash your body on a river and man named "Honest Tom" will give you a horse and train you how to use it, He later turns against you when you win a race to get one of his horses. When you end up at the Alhambra, a brother of "Honest Tom" shows up and his "Red Hand Gang" Take over the city of Dodge, and you must take it back. This is a basic over-view of the story of GUN. In my Humble opinion, This game is kind of a Dissapointment, It's Short, but it's chuck loaded with Goodies, and story. I suggest not spending $59.99 on this game and spending $4.99 on it renting it.