After a deceiving Heroes 4, we come back to the REAL Heroes of Might and Magic Universe.

When I heard Heroes of Might and Magic V would be fully in 3D, I absolutely wanted it, and got it few days after release.
Some bugs at first time which were corrected by the patches (not sure for multiplayer).

The game reconciliate with Heroes of Might and Magic. I'm feeling playing with a Heroes 3 but with better graphics and in 3D. Now you can have up to 7 stacks of creatures in your army (like the 3) and there's a lot of new ones ! Heroes have again specialisations which makes you play differently with each of them and aren't on the battlefield so you can't have them killed when attacking creatures.
Towns are very beautiful, you can even visit them in 3D, though it's not very fun because there's not a lot of animation. We get back to weekly production of creatures, not daily like in the 4, and having a citadel and a castle rise up production by 50% and 100% (you remember heroes 3 ;-))
Campaigns are well done, the story is entertaining and intrigous (hope that word exist). I would reproach that lips of character don't move when they speak in cutscenes except in the cinematics (That are very enjoying).

Multiplayer is cool, with 2 modes (usual way and fast battle), there's not a lots of map (as in solo :-/) but you can play with ghost turn that makes you having control of a ghost when it's others' turn. You yan possess creatures, curse armies and some other funny things. Opponent's turn aren't tedious anymore !

To put it in a nutshell, I would say Heroes of Might and Magic V get back to the ancients values of HOMM world with improved graphics and a really cool story. If you liked Heroes 3, you'll like this too.
Although, watch out your graphic card, 3D is greedy ;-)