Possibly the best in the series.

To start of I own all of the animal crossings and this is close to beating out wild world and yes I do like wild world better then the origanal not that I didnt like it but I really liked wild world.So I got this game with christmas money and have played it for very long maybe even to long.This game sure has not changd much at all except the city.

But lets get started on the game. first of all the graphis are nice and clear otherwise you cant really say that there is much to say about the graphics.As I had said the way you play has not changed at all wich isnt really to bad.The city is incredibly fun.the city does add some depth.Overall the city is fun but I do think it could be a bit bigger a be more stores.

Overall this would be a great game to start out with if you havent played ithe series and to followers of the series.