If you think this final fantasy is story driven, think again! The bad HEAVILY out-weighs the good...

We all know Final Fantasy for their intense, gripping story-line. It's a shame i can't include this game into that category. People who have played previous ff games would be disapointed, people who haven't played ff before would think this is fantastic.

Where do i begin? lets start with the good, which i struggled to find...

1)As everyone has noted the graphics for this game is amazing! rotation and everything thumbs up! I was really surprised that they could achieve this amount of realism on ps2 and how much the graphics leaped from ffx to this. superb!

2) Sometimes leveling up can be abit of a bore, but now their are side-quests and little challenges(nothing to do with plot) which you can do which makes fighting fun as you get something out it.

3)Even though i wasn't entirely happy with this new combat system, the new gambits helped wonders!

4) I like how guest can enter and leave the group.

Now the bad...


What story? ff is well-known for a fantasic story-line one of the reasons i play it. This one? nothing! It's just about politics theres nothing 'fantasy' about it except the graphics. Characters:
The characters do not have indiviuality (except balthier), they all look the same and do not have any unique personality which outlines them! They are puppets (even cloud made a better puppet) . I was sure that penelo would make a better sister to Vaan, why not? there's no love plot. Most of the character's background's seems recycled and over-used! "My parents were killed in a war" "were orphans!" hmmm c'mon! when are we going to see a story when people actually have parents(BOTH) even grand-parents. Also, The characters do not link as the game evolves. Remember the bonage between the characters ff10,7 and so thorth. {X } No bonage here! In every cut scene, it seems like they just met, theres no warm feeling.
Any time you have to do something, it always involves getting lost in dungeons! "we have to save...in the seamase cliff" Oh! whatever! you just wanna place me into a maze...
Theres no fun parts like in ff7. remember the honeybee inn? shrina building? GOLD SAUCER? They made it too medievally that they couldn't include fun activies like this.

Combat System:
Now onto the combat system. meh, ain't all that! like i said no indiviuality. Vaan can be as muchas a good healer than Ashe...The licence system was not-bad but all my character ending up doing the same thing, anyways, why the heck would you need a "licence"?! this is a fantasy game, that's just TOO much realism in that department. So no more random battles...i really didn't mind. But isn't random battles what ff is all about? Again, too much realism. They should have just improved the battle like ffx-2 did. Gaining level up are very hard! and not straightforward. I prefered, like other ff's when at the end of a battle you see what you gained from that battle, and a gauge showing how much experience you retrieved.
The only useful thing which woud help you to defeat your foes is your weapon. Magic, summons, and others are useless. This is minor, but no more victory celebrations. Characters cannot really achieve indiviuality with no victory celebration. GRAPHICS~

This game has some sort of medieval theme going on. Not likable, i see too much of the colour brown....

The characters look good, the graphics when playing is very good. Their costumes aren't all that, quite boring infact. SOUND~

Unless you have a degree in Shakespeare's Ye Olde English, don't expect this game's language to come fuently. I'm from England myself and found it EXTREMELY hard to understand the words coming out of their animated mouths. Even the narrator wasn't clear! If their not speaking anique english then their speaking with an accent which is so hard to understand, one of which was an indian accent.
And is you think THAT'S confusing check out their names and the names of places. when playing the game i had subtitles on (humm funny that they put subtitles in the game) and had to pick out key words which i recogised. agony. Al Bhed was easiler to translate than this! i'll even prefer if the game was ALL in text that to listen to them waffle on about kings...The only people who didn't speak in riddles was Penelo and Vaan...
Only Bathier had a sense of humour none of these characters did.

The music was terrible! i was ashamed when they used ff7 themetune at the start. The music doesn't have any effect except the effect of making you annoyed. ff10's music was emotive, it setted the mood. This? random songs which don't go in the right place.
The lipsyncing of characters is good. The character's voices match them, especially Fran and other species.


unless you get thrills from distant characters, worthless graphics, ineffectual sidequest and tedious cut-scenes i very much doubt you would be playing this game again.

Despite the fact that i am very disapointed in this game i think the game would be worth it if you have never played ff before or you liked it. Obviously i want my 35 quid back. But i can't just return it because i also collect ff aswell and play them.

In conclusion this game is very unacceptable to be carry around the name final fantasy and lacks alot of plot and depth.
This is the first ff game i have even thought of returning back. Which i would have if i didn't collect them.
If this is your first time getting a ff game you would probably enjoy this, if you are a ff fan who has yet to played this, you would not like this, I REPEAT YOU WOULD NOT LIKE THIS.The bad HEAVILY out-weighs the good...