F.E.A.R. Extraction Point Cheats For PC

  1. F.E.A.R Cheats

    When playing the game activate the cheats by Pressing T Key and then type any of the cheats below and press enter.

    Code Effect
    gimmegun turret (hasn't done anything yet)
    Tears All guns and infinite ammo, reloading still required
    guns All Weapons
    build display build version
    gimmegun turret drops current weapon
    armor Full Armor
    gimmegun assault rifle get assault rifle
    gimmegun cannon get cannon
    gimmegun dual pistols get dual pistols
    gimmegun frag grenade get frag grenade
    health Get Full Health
    ammo Get Loads of Ammo
    gimmegun missile launcher get missile launcher
    gimmegun nail gun get nailgun
    gimmegun remote charge get pipe bomb
    gimmegun pistol get pistol
    gimmegun plasma weapon get plasma railgun
    maphole skip to next level
    poltergeist ghost mode
    god God Mode
    kfa weapons + full ammo, armor & health
    pos Position Mode
    gear increased health and boosted reflexes
    gimmegun proximity get trip mine
    gimmegun submachinegun get SMG
    gimmegun shotgun get shotgun
    gimmegun minigun TG-2A Minigun with full ammo.

    Contributed by: delta242 

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