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  • User Rating:9.5

    This review is almost a decade late. Again most likely no one would read but it is another classic I had to reminisce

    Another review too late but I don't write reviews to please people. I write reviews to laud these games to be a token of appreciation as they are buried within the archives. All realistic options turned on. Avionic... Read Full Review

    5 of 5 users found the following review helpful
  • User Rating:7

    A Somewhat Interesting Game

    This game might be old but it is somewhat interesting. The graphics look old, the sound is OK, and the gameplay isn't the best because on many missions you are sitting there waiting to get into the action and I forgot th... Read Full Review

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  • User Rating:8.7

    Excellent game!

    This game is one of the top notch games in my mind. The graphics are excellent, right down to the missles on the airplanes. You can fly a few different sorties, or make up your own. The campaigns are also cool too. With... Read Full Review

    1 of 1 users found the following review helpful