This Game Has Not Been Play-Tested Enough

#1 Posted by Gelugon_baat (19510 posts) -

Up until now, version 1.4.0 at this time of writing, with so many builds, this game is still a technical f*ck-up on some people's machines.

Sure, the Hispaniola campaign runs super-smoothly for just about everyone (including me) - but if you have been listening to people sing sweet things about the game, chances are, they haven't had problems with the rest of the game. Yet, anyway.

That said, you may want to know that other people had been b*tching about how unstable and unreliable the Mexico campaign is - especially when one tries to load a saved game.

For example, the problem of the game wiping out the map is still there, in version 1.4; it can happen in places like the Masaya Volcano. It may not be apparent to people who play for long stretches of time without reloading games, but for people who do, they may well face this problem.

I wish I could slam Logic Artists' Kickstarter campaign here, but they had conveniently left out the promise of a technically sound product in their crowdfunding pitch.