The Lineage 2 is the best mmorpg I ever played and don't assimilate Diablo to this game because Diablo ISN'T mmorpg!!!!!

This game is the best mmorpg and it's better than EverQest2 or WoW. This game have better graphic than standard mmorpg game, good skill system and very good control operation. I would to say this game is mmorpg no hack'n slash game like Diablo. Diablo have only lan game and don't assimilate this to others mmorpgs because its two different game types. Some people say that this game is only clicking on mouse but that's not true because if you know haw to use your keyboard you will see in this game you can move your character by clicking mouse OR use your arrow keys not WSAD keys!!!! This game have players who are using bots and DON'T say this game bad because it's players fault not game. If you're playing on serwer were people are using It's only your foult because you can play on other serwer. This game is only mmorpg game so if it have more freedom it have worst main quest.

At and of my opinion I would to say this game is very good mmorpg and if you will play it you will like it.