A Tactical Shooter that you must have

User Rating: 10 | Evolva PC
Evolva is a tactical shooter but it is like an RPG. You play as four Genohunters through different levels. You kill beasts, gain new abilities, and upgrade your characters. I think that this game was fantastic.

Story: (10/10) This game is about four Genohunters on a strange planet. You have to kill all kinds of weird beasts like huge spiders and aliens. Your characters start off with only fists, and then when you kill people you unlock new weapons and increase your stats. You can change your characters weapons, and color. My favorite weapon was the "Spore Launcher." The story is an interesting Sci-fi story.

Gameplay: (10/10) The gameplay is very fun. It is squad based gameplay in the third person. The combat system is fun and works smoothly. You have a lot of different weapons. The game is in levels and you basically have to kill everyone in each level.

Graphics/Sound: (10/10) The graphics are good as well as the soundtrack of the game. The enemies bleed in different colors and it looks fairly realistic.

Entertainment: (10/10) Evolva is a very fun game. I enjoyed every level of the game. There are numerous challenges in the game that should keep you interested. If you are a fan of sci-fi squad based shooters then this is definitely the game for you.

Replay Value: This game has a high replay value. It is fun to go through the game and upgrade your characters differently or play in a different way the second time around.

Overall: (10/10) Evolva is a great shooter. The story is great, the gameplay is fun. Overall this game is truly a masterpiece and is definitely worth buying.