A good one-button fighting game? How can it be?! And yet it is. If you can find a copy of evil zone (good luck) grab it!

User Rating: 8.8 | Eretzvaju PS
Evil zone was one of the hardest games for me to find, ever. But when I did it was all worth the effort. The gameplay is totally unique. combining a one-button attack and liberal use of the dpad, it's like playing an anime! Now since it plays just like watching an anime, there's also a lot of story that makes no sense, but it's so much fun....who cares?!

Now, as to depth, don't look for it here. Outside the involving fight engine, there's little replay value, two extra costumes per person, and 1 extra character. I can't explain it, but the game's ridiculously addictive without the encyclopedia of extras you get with a soul calibur.

The main issue is finding it. Most folks at the gamestore won't even know what you're talking about. If they do, only buy your games from that store from now on, because those employees are worth your patronage.