Reviewer should have played it more.

User Rating: 8.9 | Evil Genius PC
The problem I see with the Gamespot review is that the reviewer obviously didn't take very much time playing it. The complaints about tagging agents, heat, no manual save, defending your base, and others make no sense to anyone who has spent more than 20 hours playing Evil Genius. Don't get me wrong, EG has its problems; specifically bugs which should never have made it to gold. The tech support forum is plagued with people having the same problems with AI, item physics, and crashes. This, however should be remedied quickly. The general gameplay is very intriguing. You build your base, stock it with rooms and items, capture and train minions, and eventually get out to do your evil deeds in the world. The first thing I did was steal the Eifel Tower once the Uber Loot was available to steal. There are several key aspects to gameplay which everyone should know. If you hold left-click while tagging someone, everyone in that group gets that tag (valuable time saver). Heat is lowered in the world map by having social minions (valet, spin doc., playboy, diplomat) with that team. Yes, there's a manual save, use it to save yourself tons of grief until the game is patched. Defending your base is a simple matter of many social minions on top of a logical alert system. Security desk, outside cameras, indoor cameras, and speakers everywhere that minions accumulate will ensure a quick reaction to any tagged agent who comes close to your base. I have actually found no practical use for traps except to play with the configurations and getting extra resources from the very successful configs. Graphics are clean and appropriate. There are fun details in everything. Sound; also appropriate. The female announcer voice is very typical of the special agent genre. Value; I can see myself playing this game all the way through at least two more times just to see how the other avatars work. I have started a new game several times already just because I thought of a base configuration idea that I just couldn't wait to implement. Finally; if they would just FIX THE BUGS, I would have no problems recommending everyone who loves Sims or the Dungeon Keeper series to run out and buy this game. However, there are some truly frustrating bugs which need to be addressed or some people will be completely turned off of this game. Also keep in mind, this is a very methodical game; if you hurry you will find yourself in trouble. Be patient and enjoy it.