A game that finally captures the spirit of the Evil Dead series, it is just simply entertaining and fun to play.

User Rating: 8.6 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PC
I have to say I haven't played any of the previous games in the Evil Dead series, mostly based on the bad reviews, but this one captures the style of the films. It has just the right mix of horror, action, and most importantly, comedy.

The controls are easy to get in to, and the various combo moves are easy to pull off. I had some trouble at the start due to a bug in the game, where mouse control was turned off if you use the mouse to select menu options at the title screen. The workaround is easy, just use the keyboard to select options before starting! Otherwise, switching weapons, attacking mutliple enemies, and using your sidekick become second nature very early on.

Speaking of which, Sam the half-deadite sidekick is one of the game's best ideas. Ash has never had a sidekick before, and I admit I was turned off when learning this, but half the game's humor comes from their interaction. Even in the late game, you will continue to hear original material that will make you laugh out loud.

The graphics are decent, nothing crazy like COD2, but they serve their purpose and are nice to look at.

The audio on the other hand, is very well done and the game would not be a success if it wasn't implemented properly. Bruce Campbell does Ash of course, with Ted Raime doing Sam. They both do a superb job, and make the game, with all of the other classic taunts and Evil Dead sounds. I knew I had a good game on my hands when I heard the insane asylum doctor come over the intercom in the opening level at regular intervals with hilarious quips.

All in all, a good game on it's own merits, but excellent as a budget game at $20.