A fun time in the world of the Evil Dead; Simple as that.

User Rating: 7 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PS2
ED:R provides a straight forward, simple game where you get the chance to blow away deadite baddies. There's not a lot of depth, and the story although a new chapter that takes place after the movies, isn't really important to pay attention to, but it's fun. You're also not alone thing time around. You'll get a mini-deadite side-kick, Sam, who you can use as a weapon of sorts, and will even take control of him at certain times to progress through the levels.

What's good about it:
Pretty steady action, if that's what you're looking for. There are some simple puzzles to solve in the game, but you'll be spending most of your time with your finger on the fire button. They do try to mix it up a little bit by making key enemies require different offensive strategies to defeat, and the occasional ride on a giant monsters back.
Kill moves. As deadites approach their demise, you'll have the option to pull off a finishing move. This will sometimes trigger a gory slow-motion kill that's just fun to watch. And although this one is not a special kill move, there's a great deal of satisfaction using your harpooning weapon to pull a bad guy close to you, open fire with your shot gun, juggling him further and further up into the air, only to harpoon him again while he's in mid air, pull him back in nice and close, and blow his head off. Awesome.
Humour. Okay, the humour is actually pretty hit and miss, but I'll focus on the good. When that special one-liner comes along it does cause a chuckle.
Evil Ash: Kill enough deadites and eventually you'll collect enough energy to turn into Evil Ash who's faster and deadlier.
Curving the difficulty. There's some tough parts in this game, but the developers did things to help level the playing field. Unlimited ammo: Not only a nice touch it fits in well with the over the top movie theme. You do have a health bar, however you won't die if you do something stupid like fall into a bottomless pit. Ash, being the great warrior he is, just manages to crawl back out.
Graphics: Ash looks like Ash. That's really what's important isn't it? Some of the bigger bad guys look pretty good too.
The game was an appropriate length. You can finish it in a day and still go to bed at a reasonable hour. Some review I've read claimed it to be too short, but, well... you'll read more about this point below.

What could have been better:
The game is good, just not great. It was fun, but not amazing. I didn't find anything about the game "bad" really, but there was a feeling of mediocrity in some areas.
Controls: They just didn't feel very intuitive to me, and at times were a little unresponsive.
Protecting Sam: You'll be spending a good chunk of your time protecting your side-kick. This is okay, and the bouts don't last too long, but it's basically an escort mission. Escort missions were never a favourite of mine.
The final level. Cheap. You face the final boss and don't even have an option to refill your health from fighting through the previous level. So whatever health you were left with when you got there, well, deal with that. Also this is where the control is frustrating. You have to be able to target a certain item at a certain time, but the boss stands right beside it when you need to target it, and you can't switch between targets that you've locked on to. So I'm stuck trying to position Ash just right so that he locks on to the correct target before it's too late.
Repetitiveness: As mentioned above, some people said this game was too short, but I think it was just right. By the end, you feel a little bit like you're doing the same thing over and over. Kill, get spirit, protect Sam. Kill, get spirit, protect Sam. If the game was any longer, it would have moved from a feeling of deja vu to one of boredom.

You'll probably get a lot more entertainment out of the game if you're a fan of the Evil Dead movies. If you're not, the score might drop a couple points for you. I did enjoy the game, and had a good time with it.