Project 1999

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I recently started playing Everquest on Project 1999. Having played Everquest from 1999 until the first server merge (2005), this game holds a special place in my heart. I knew about the Project previously (opened in 2009), but felt the set up was too complicated for me. With the addition of the EQEMU, the process is quite simple. The server is "Classic Everquest" and has successfully duplicated the experience. The project is currently in the Kunark expansion, with plans for releasing Velious in the near future. You can read about "Getting Started" here: The server has had a recent boom in population, and is regularly at 1K population. I post here today not only to continue the boom, but because I want to share this great find. Remember the feeling of being a newb? The game has the capability to trigger the same emotion, or at least evoke a very strong remembrance. The first "ding" is glorious. The graphics are 15 years old, but I think many of us have figured out: The graphics dont make the game. I haven't wanted to rush home from work to play a game in a LONG time. It's a good feeling. This friendly community awaits you in Norrath. **For those looking for a less friendly community, there is a "Red" PvP server available
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Best game of all time. Awesome server.