Magnificent game worth the buy and worth the time i've played it. its addictive and fun, nice people and great commuitiy

User Rating: 10 | EverQuest II (With Kingdom of the Sky Bundle) PC
Its awesome i still cant believe that SoE captured my exacted thoughts on the fantasy world. Its fun but costly like most MMO-RPG if your think on buying it you should first check your computer stats because its take quiet some RAM and a good video and sound card though. If your computer can take it get ready for a fun experience and a friendly people every where. good luck if you do and if you say it dumb you should rethink it a bit and if you dont your not giving it a fair chance to prove it. EQ2 has improved so much since release like an exp pack and a couple live update you even got x-mas present everyday its pretty sweet so yeah give it a chance and you'll see its fun.