just so boring, dull and the worst game ive ever played

User Rating: 1.3 | Evergrace PS2
i hated this game so much i threw it in the fire after i was offered 2.50 for it to be traded in to a gamestore. this game was the most boring, dull, and least entertaining game ive ever played, and its soooooooooooooo repetitive and you will stop playin in about 10 mins max. The storyline is crummy and doesent lead anywhere the weapons and magic are basic , boring and annoying to use, some bits of the game were weird and you had to go over the same spot, or use the same magic to get past it again and again,
the graphics arent so bad but they dont make up for the crummy gameplay and dull enviroments . monsters are pretty plain and shoddy. they just walk up to you and do their only attack while they give alittle squeak that will get on your nerves.
if you found it for $45+ in a store id sue the place. if i found it for $20-$45id write a letter of complaint to the store.
if i found it for $2.50, get angry at the store.
and if i found it on the street beside a garbage bin and it said "im free" on it i still wouldent take it.

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