Once upon a time wasted.......

User Rating: 1.1 | Evergrace PS2
Once upon a time i went to gamestop. I was looking thru the used games wehn i came across the game evergrace. Seeing the pricetag of 3 dollars, i bought it thinking that it was an old title. It was and it was a BAD ONE! Evergrace is probably one of the worst game i played! In Evergrace you play as a random guy named Darius or you could play a random girl You walk around a pre Apocalypse world where there are depressed people in a rundown medival world. The music is corny and depressing, and the scenery is also. It also has freaky lookin baddies also. in one level, I thought I saw the Baby of Pinnicho and a duck. Yes i did say Pinnochio. This game is almost as bad as Warriors of Might and Magic. In Summary, I hate this game!