21-day trial invites + 7 free days Recall Program

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Greetings, pilots!

Do you want to become a space pilot in EVE Online? Standard 14-day trial isn't enough?

Register using my referral link for additional free week of game time and ISK bonus reward + my knowledge if you contact me.


For all EVE veterans with accounts inactive for 6 months (or more) there is a newly introduced Recall Program which makes you eligible for 7 days of free game time if invited by an active player. Use link below and give this game another shot!


Have a nice day!

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I also want to share my Recall link [7-Days free for all old Pilots]: http://tiny.cc/eve-recall

for all new pilots: you can have a free 21 Days-Trial with this link: http://tiny.cc/eve-buddy

enjoy :)

i'll contact you in game for a ISK present :)

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Here is my link for the 21 day trial

Unfortunately they stopped the 7 day recall program though.

If I find a way to confirm who you are after you sign up at the end of the 21 free trial I shall give you an isk present. Not too much though, as I'm still a fairly poor trader, and I'm greedy :)

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Free 21 day eve online trial link: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=7f673f86-355a-4e60-a55c-8611efac738f&action=buddy