Europa Universalis Cheats For PC

  1. Codes

    Press F12 to bring up the console where you type in the cheats:

    Code Effect
    richelieu Lets you control all military units on the map
    pappenheim Turns fog of war off
    gustavus increases land tech level
    drake increases sea tech level
    cromwell increases infrastructure tech level
    polo increases trade tech level
    cortez defeats all natives
    alba defeats all revolts (turns all revolts off)
    tilly AI does not declare war
    oranje Gives you 3+ stability
    montezuma Gives you +50000 Ducats
    pocahontas Gives you 10 colonists
    dagama Gives you 10 colonists
    vatican Gives you 10 diplomats
    swift Adds 10000 Population to Capital province
    russianhordes Lets you build more units
    difrules invincibility
    shogun Japan closes
    Columbus show entire map
    tordesillas Treaty of Tordesillas mode
    luther Reformation mode
    calvin John Calvin mode
    trent Council of Trent mode (cancels John Calvin mode)
    peterthegreat Troop limits
    event [event number] Create event

    Contributed by: balder 

  2. Event Codes

    Press F12 to enter the console. Simply type in the code below and enjoy the effects.

    Code Effect
    Event 40 Reforms infrastructure and trade, adding up to a 1,000g investment in each.
    Event 33 Reforms land-based military technology, adding up to 1,000g depending on the cost of the research.
    Event 34 Reforms sea-based military technology, adding up to 1,000g depending on the cost of the research.
    Event 35 Establishes a force of 5,000 soldiers at your capital free of charge.
    Event 36 Establishs between 3 and 5 randomly selected ships to a randomly selected dock of your nation.
    Event 10 Monarch appoints a minister. All monarch values raised to 5/5.
    Event 7 Converts one province from your nation to the state religion. Nothing happens if all national provinces are the same religion.
    Event 8 Changes the religion of a national province to one not of the state.

    Contributed by: Abyssmal Fiend 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Other Tech FAQ by Duken008 5K