Fun for a while, then gets boring. Still, it's only two bucks!

In this game, you have only one option to choose from. You will start the game, and enter the level. The level layout is really simple. A flat platform with a background. You will play as a bird named Pyoro. Beans will fall from the sky, and you must use your long tongue to catch the beans. If a bean hits the floor, a hole will be created, and Pyoro will not be able to cross over to the land the hole intersects. If you catch a supply box, one hole disappear. You'll use the D-pad to move, and the A button to stretch out your tongue. This game is only downloadable from the DSi shop, and costs 2 buck only!

The good: easy to pick up and play* cute, colorful graphics* only 2 dollars!

The bad: short and gets boring* controls are sometimes unresponsive* simple gameplay.

This game is a must-have if you have a DSi. Get this game, because it's cheap will keep you busy for a while. It's one of the best DSi games so far!
Note: This game can only play on the DSi, not the DS lite or original DS.
Thanks for reading!