Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    While ingame, hit § (the key under ESC for some ppl), ALT+21 on the numpad to access the console.
    You can now use the following codes, has to be case sensitive:

    Code Effect
    die native Natives are now attacking
    pirate Pirates now roam
    cash Now we have cash
    prestige Glory to us!
    spy Spies added!
    diplomat Diplomats added!
    missionary Missionaries added!
    merchant Merchants added!
    colonist Colonists added!
    fow on Fog Of War turned on
    fow off Fog Of War turned off.
    discover (Province ID) Province type discovered.
    undiscover (Province ID) Province type undiscovered.
    revolt (Province ID) Revolt created.
    stability Stability for the People!
    fullscreen Toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode

    Contributed by: Omni_1337 

  2. Invest Cheat

    Type "invest" plus "type of tech" plus "amount of cash". I.e. "invest land_tech 20000" = $20,000 invested in land lechnology

    Code Effect
    land_tech (insert number) of cash invested in and technology
    naval_tech (insert number) of cash invested in naval technology
    production_tech (insert number) of cash invested in production technology
    trade_tech (insert number) of cash invested in trade technology
    government_tech (insert number) of cash invested in government technology
    country_morale_tech (insert number) of cash invested in country morale
    advisor_arrived_tech (insert number) of cash invested in advisory
    ledger_naval_tech (insert number) of cash invested in ledger naval
    ledger_production_tech (insert number) of cash invested in ledger production
    ledger_goverment_tech (insert number) of cash invested in ledger government
    current_tech (insert number) of cash invested in curren technology

    Contributed by: Nelo_Portgas 

  3. Create Events

    1)Open up the dialog screen by pressing "alt 21" during the game
    2)In the dialog bar type: event ####
    *Given event numbers can be found in C:\..\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis III\Events folder; find the one you like.

    Code Effect
    event 5073 New land Claimed
    event 5022 Rush of Colonists (3)
    event 5025 Excellent diplomacy
    event 4011 Military reform
    event 1091 Join Hanseatic league
    event 1075 Invest in Army
    event 1076 Invest in Navy
    event 5096 Foreign bribe offered
    event 1051 Join Holy Roman Empire
    event 1054 Become an Elector
    event 1052 Leave Holy Roman Empire
    event 1063 Treasury empty (can be good!)
    event 5057 Build Fortification
    event 1001 Russian Nation can be formed
    event 1002 Netherlands can be formed
    event 1003 Spanish nation can be formed
    event 1004 English nation can be formed
    event 2004 Prov. goes Catholic to Protestant
    event 1006 Italy can be formed
    event 1007 Germany can be formed
    event 1010 Ireland can be formed

    Contributed by: bfoxbacolod 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak 647K