Should I stick with only five characters for the whole game or more?

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I created one character for each class at the the beginning of the game just to discover which characters would fit me more. I'm at the third maze and still kept all of them. Still haven't made my choice yet :S. I like to combine different character classes' abitilties together. I can a have a more versatile team with more than five characters but level grinding takes more time. Am I making things more complicated for nothing?

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This is honestly a game where only you can decide things like that. You haven't even unlocked the later classes yet, so you should definitely remain open to changing your team around. Later on, you get EXP boosting bursts/foods/etc that make leveling a bit easier. If you don't feel want to grind again, I'd say stick to the characters you have... at least until you figure out some EXP farming methods later on :D
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Ah, more ways to grind faster. Interesting.

Yeah, I guess I'll see later on in the game what fits me best. Thanks!