am i too good..? (spoilers?)

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hey everyone, so i picked up this game on release day cause i had pre-ordered it. etrian odyssey is 110% my kind of game. im in love with first person dungeon crawlers and the anime aspect is just another bonus for me. i love the "collect loot by killing monsters and sell said loot as materials to buy better equipmet/armor" aspect. i always have with this series, it adds such a feeling of accomplishment when you finally have that extra fawn hide to make that 85+ damage-giving bow for your archer. mhhm i love it, so satisfying. :D


so anywho, i have all three of the previous games in the series with III being my favorite (IV running a close second, if not tieing) and the difficulty has always proved to be interesting. one of my favorite things about this series is in fact the way it "throws" you into a FOE battle and then you get obliterated. yeah, it sucks..but i get massively determined to head right back in there and smite it to smitherines. i literally wont give up on that one FOE/enemy until i can kill it by auto battling it. the. best. feeling. ever. this determination maybe the reason why i think this game is actually TOO easy? im thinking im just really used to the previous games so maybe its just cause im so familiar with the setup of the EO series that im finding the battles/FOES to be too easy. the only battle ive had difficulty with is the bounding beast, and soon after i can beat them without a problem. i just miss that challenge/sense of immense accomplishment that is lacking (based on previous entries for me) with EO IV. its still there, but not nearly as prominent in my oppinion. im in love with this game still, for sure. and im on "normal" difficulty because there isnt a "hard" mode. and i honestly cant imagine playing on "casual" because if im finding "normal" too easy, then id be very sad if i played "casual."


im guessing im probably in the minority for sure with this topic, but i was wondering what you guys thought? am i dillusional or something? haha. and sorry for the massive post..i tried to separate it with enough paragraphs to make you not want to impale your eyes with sharp objects. :P

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This is my first EO game, but from everything I've read it's apparently noticeably easier than the previous 3 - and that's on purpose.  Indeed, I'm actually playing it on Casual - just so that I don't get overwhelmed before I understand how to actually play the thing - and I've still wiped out a few times from not being careful.  That being said, I'm enjoying the hell out of it.  My ship has made it to the 2nd area (north of the starting area), and my party is around level 15 or so, and I'm definitely getting the hang of all the skills/bursts, and I'm more or less mowing everything down that's in front of me - which is still fun as hell.