Battlefield 3 has great graphics, a stellar multiplayer, but a boring campaign. The Co-op's not bad though.

Battlefield 3 has some of the best teamwork for a multiplayer game i've ever experienced. The classes are so balanced because assault is the only class that can heal and revive, while the engineer is the only class that can effectively destroy vehicles with launchers. The support and Recon classes i don't use as much but are still very effective, a guy using support can resupply and plant c4 while the recon class is designated for primarily snipers and can use spawn beacons and motion sensors. The Maps are great, there are no maps I dislike, only a few maps I can't stand in TDM because of people using spawn beacons to reach high areas of the map. The graphics are beautiful even on 360, but obviously miles better on PC. I came a year late to this game when I bought the Premium Edition, but I'm glad I did. The add ons really do ADD ON so much to the game. There are 20 extra maps, several new vehicles, a crossbow, a dirt bike and ATV, 20 new weapons, and Several great game modes like CTF, Gun Master, Scavenger, and Tank Superiority. The Multiplayer I can't complain about while the Co-op and Campaign are obviously inferior because they lack the amount of fun that is in multiplayer. So buy this game for the multiplayer not the co-op and campaign. If you don't have xbox live gold don't even consider this game.