Stay away from this piece of trash game.

User Rating: 1 | ESPN International Winter Sports GC
(+) This game plays in the disk tray, funny crashes

(-) absolutely everything else

This game has a good number of winter sports but, none of them are playable. I got 8th place in each event and overall each event on this game is dull, very boring and practically a waste of time. There are three modes trail mode, men's championship mode, and women's championship mode all modes are no fun anyway so it doesn't matter how many modes it has. If you have your friend play this then you would be a bad friend because nobody should have to play this piece of trash game. This game includes ten events figure skating, snowboarding, bobsledding, downhill alpine skiing, uphill alpine skiing, speed skating, freestyle skiing, curling, K90 and K180 ski jumping. All of them give instructions before you play them but, all of the sports are way too hard. The AI are very difficult in this game.

The thing the athletes do when you choose one they move there mouth without saying anything is just plain weird. There are four unlockable costumes in this game but, it is not worth the trouble at all.

Do not buy this game it is very dull, boring and a waste of time stay away from it unless you enjoy terrible games.