An exciting experience for Snicket fans.

Well I got this game a year a ago, and I still enjoy playing as the Baudelaire orphans. The game is appealing and is defiantly worth a rent at the very least. Gameplay: Well they did a good job of incorporating the strengths of all the Baudelaire orphans into the game. Violet's inventions make sense, Klaus is always using information he's read to solve problems, and Sunny is biting better than ever. In the regular game you can switch between Violet and Klaus with simple press of a button, but when you play as Sunny it's sort of like a mini-game, where she is in either sliding down something or walking in a level where she has to make it from point A to point B. The Sunny parts were very enjoyable, and I still like them quite a bit. Overall I give gameplay a 9-10. It's fun to play as the Baudelaire orphans, especially when your a Snicket freak like me. Graphics: The graphics were OK. I thought they could have done better. They shouldn't have just rushed it out to make it come out right before the movie, but they did. Overall I give graphics a 6-10. They could have done a much better job, but it gets the game by. Sound: I thought the sound was absolutely perfect. The soundtrack for the game was perfect for every moment in the game, and the sound effects made sense with everything. Overall I give sound a 10-10. It really draws you into the game. Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events was a fun game. I still play it this very day. I suggest this to anyone, but rent it first because it might not be for everybody.