Best action ever, probably most plot wholes ever.

When I first got Gears I felt it was the best game ever, it had great actions enemy AI and it sounded and looked beautiful. As i continued playing it stayed really nicely, but it wasn't perfect. It had three problems.
The first two are major and the last isn't that important.
The plot in Gears of War as so much potential, but you don't know anything.
You for some reason have been in prison, get a map, go to your house and get a map and blow up something.
******(end spoiler)
I mean you could have thrown your controller at your television trying to figure out what happened.
Next, although your enemies are geniuses, your friends probably couldn't tell left from right. I have probably wasted more time reviving team mates then trying to fight the troika that is killing them. Then again Gears is meant to be CO-Op.
Finally you have lo frame rates on Cut scenes.
The multiplayer is really good, but people are in love with shotguns.
Maybe a little more balance of maps/ weapons would give more variety.
Don't get me wrong Gears is the best game I have played - although i have not played Halo or COD 4 much yet (i have played non stop PC for the last kajillion years) but it falls short of perfection with it s downfalls;