The Adventures of Monkey And Trip is truly worth it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Enslaved: Odyssey to the West X360
A game like this doesn't come around too often. Often, the case is a game similar to this comes, but is horrible in every single way. This? This..well, I can't truly describe this game.

You follow the two characters, Monkey and Trip, as they search to gain revenge on 'Pyramid', the people who created Mechs that destroyed humanity, turning people into slaves.

Based on an old Chinese fairy tale, To The West, this americanized version is more like a movie then it is a video game. The voice acting, obviously one of the best in a very long time, match the use of motion captured, making almost a CG movie that you control.

The combat, a mix of shooting and hack and slash, minus the sword, is pretty good too, though enemies get harder and more tricker as he game progresses, gets a few lucky shots that could cause death on higher difficulties.

The graphics, while I was playing on the Xbox 360, are amazing as well, putting fall use of the Unreal engine to good use, making the characters more realistic and likeable.

On the topic of Likeable characters, you will grow on these characters, and I am not kidding. At the end of the game, and I will not spoil a thing, you obviously could see how much Monkey And Trip care for each other, and it also shows as the game goes on.

On one quick side note...the ending will leave you speechless. it's one of those endings that make you just look at the screen quiet...almost not believing what you just saw.

On the end note...pick up this game. It is worth every single penny, and will change the way you look at story telling for a long time to come. As I write this, I am on my second playthrough already.

+Amazing graphics
+realistic and believable characters
+awesome voice acting.
+amazing note-worthy story.

-Some graphic hicups.
-combat weakness in some areas.