any interest in an Enemy Front forum?

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I did a quick web search, couldn't find any Enemy Front forums, active or otherwise...couldn't find ANY forum on the City Interactive page.

So - does anyone know of a current, active Enemy Front forum? Or would you be interested in participating in one here? I'm excited about the game, like the fact it's returning to the WWII era...currently info on it is both sparse and repetitive.

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I love CoD and MoH :D so I think that this game will like me too :D

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nobody is interested in this game??? why??

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Why do you think nobody is interested about this game? I see a few articles about it. For example here do u have one.

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I am interested. And lots of people. Check other sites - there is much movement in comments about this game. And almost every are positive.

I'm gonna play this game. Not to achive, but to explore. I love, when I can finish the game the way I want. I think there will be much fun to kill all Germans in open combat, and after this do the same "in stealth mode" :D

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I see movement on other sites, I just wonder why here is so much peaceful...the game is amazing so I'm surprised...

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Maybe after first gameplay or closer relase date people be more interested about this great game on that forum.

@Vlad_rome yea! rouge and his stealth mode:D I'd love this class in another game so in Lords of the Fallen I play that class too :)

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@wolv25: This maybe will mobilize people for discussion :)

As we can see Polish doesn't mean bad:D I am also interested LoF, although it is a completely different kind of game....

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@bombjack2013 I never said Polish production is bad:) For example look at Witcher xD I believe Enemy Front can be as good as Witcher or better:)

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@wolv25: We'll see when we play ;) Enemy Front will be better perhaps because there is a completely different kind of :) Everyone plays what he likes :))) Witcher is not for me ;)

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Enemy Front it's shooter game, Witcher not xD I'd like that kind of game, shooter and RPG:) Shooter maybe more:P Do you see new Enemy Front gameplay? Graphics looks great!

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I used to play in RPG but it's not my style :D I prefer definitely Shooting ;)))) You have right gameplay looks amazing :D Going back to the RPG, there is one game that I will play for sure :D Lords of the Fallen rule !!!!:D

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I play in too much kind of games:) But the most popular for me is shooters so Enemy Front is title which I can't miss. And I recomendet it for all my friends.

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What do you think about the solution that we don't have comrades in arms? This game will be more interesting?! I think...;)

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Yes I read somethig about this solution and I can tell that idea is great for me:) I agree with you through this, we can only count on yourself on the battlefield. It's new in that kind of games. I think through this, Enemy Front will be harder than new part of CoD.

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@wolv25: It remains to be seen, but it certainly will be different. All games of this type are very similar to each other, you go on a planned route and that's it,but not in Enemy Front :D As you say with such a solution will certainly be more difficult.

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I envy developers because they have already played:/ I also want to:)

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I don't agree with you this time:P Maybe game is not finished yet and develops tweak game. I think if yu play in game which is not finished yet you could alienate for game. Better is waiting to release date and then play in great game:)

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Lot's of smiley faces going on here, what the hell I'll throw one in the hat