Will EO3 have more land like they had in EO2?Like a game called endless forest

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the Ocean is great but what about land a game with the same feel of eo but with mostly land maybe a stream here or there but mostly land for the most part.it would be a interesting change the only land creatures are things that deped on the ocean and need to be near the sea. i think it is a cool idea. :)
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when i talked about the animals that need to be near the sea i ment about eo1 and eo2
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Any release for E O 3?
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uh no not yet.
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I have so many ideas for EO3 how about you guys? Ideas: UFO wreaks , Titanic, other famous wreaks, Bermuta triangle, Atlantis, mistical sea creatures, mermaids, more custiomizations, more things to do like fishing and stopping whale killing, uhhhh.....oh and as i said more land things
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And new fish/whales.