User Rating: 5.7 | Enclave XBOX
I had such a love/hate thing going on with this game. I loved the rich environments and characters. The whole idea of getting more gold to better equip your characters, and then being able to go back into levels with a higher powered character was kind of fun. The thing I absolutly HATED was the lack of in-game save - hey we have a hard drive, let's use it people!!! The fact that I had to replay over and over the same level, and these are pretty HARD and LONG levels too, requiring many steps to go thru to finish, ultimatly wore me down, and frustration does not equal fun for me. I really wanted to like this game and can see how it could have been some much better, but some of the design decisions ruined it for me, making it seem more like work that playing a video game for fun. If you have an extremely high tolerance of frustration and think that it's a challange rather than being boring to repeat huge levels over and over again until you can get thru, then there is something here to at least rent. But if you are like me and play videogames for fun, then take a pass on this, you will be missing out on some cool environments, but you'll save yourself a LOT of frustration!!!