the new controls make it totally fresh and new even if you already beaten all previously Zelda's

When the 2-D Zelda formula was getting tired -actually is semi 3-D- Nintendo creates a whole new action and adventure control scheme using only the touch-screen feature and making what it would be playing another good -and maybe repetitive 2-D Zelda game- a whole new fresh and excitement adventure .

The control became extremely intuitive and easy after playing for a few minutes: exploring, fighting, using items and doing some new tasks like writing on your maps -clues or sailing routes-, writing an specific symbol on stones or tablets to open a door or pass through some place and blow or scream at the mic to solve a puzzle .

The game follows the colorful and nice art and graphic style from WW in a semi 3-D perspective with some camera angle changes in certain key points like talking with another character or entering a house and while some terrains -stony or grassy- look a bit plain some other like houses look quite detailed .

The new and easy control worths all the game experience while being the second installment in the Pirates of the Hyrulean franchise: Death Ship's Chest .