this should have been kept in the game from the beginning... I would have to say this is a pretty cool add on for this..

I would have to say this is a pretty cool add on for this game. Not sure why the chapter was deleted though? It didn't do anything to ruin the game, in fact it was nice to see continuation after Dom iced his wife and then have an option on how you want to fight the next level ( guns blazin' all the way!!!)... prepare for one on one with the brumak though, there's no way around it!

The other direction for fighting is pretty interesting too. It's nice to see Marcus and Dom in Locust armor for a change.

This would have been a nice little surprise to the core game, along with all of the surprises in it's entirety. So long as Epic does not overkill the DLC like every other game out there, this definitely stave's the appetite for GOW3.

If you want to spend the money for several new multi-player levels and an extra story level, this is definitely worth it!