Empire Earth: Gold Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Press Enter then enter the following and press enter again.

    Note: The cheats don't work during scenario play.

    Code Effect
    all your base are belong to us Gain 100,000 of every resource
    boston food sucks Gain 1000 Food
    atm Gain 1000 Gold
    creatine Gain 1000 Iron
    rock&roll Gain 1000 Rock
    you said wood Gain 1000 Wood
    the quotable patella Allows units to go up to level 10
    columbus Allows you to see the fish
    coffee train Completes all buildings being constructed and heals all units
    display cheat Displays all codes
    BrainStorm Every builds fast
    I ahve the power Full energy for all units with special attacks
    asus drivers Full map
    my name is methos Full map and all resources
    negerpung Get all of enemies money
    ahhhcool Instant Loss
    boston rent No gold
    the big dig No resources
    mine your own business No rock
    Uh, smoke? No wood
    Friendly skies Refill your planes
    headshot Remove objects from map
    bam Reveal map
    slimfast Takes away all food
    girlyman Takes away all iron
    somebody set up us the bomb Instant win

    Contributed by: Menji 

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